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My friend Phil saved at least $135 with this tip. In fact, he nearly bought a new computer thinking his hard drive memory was fried, or that a virus did him in.

There was nothing wrong with his computer at all, except that it would boot up to the manufacturer's startup splash screen and then go dead. The keyboard and mouse would not work. The monitor did work, displaying the unmoving splash screen. The function keys did not work. It was impossible to go into Safe Mode or anything else. Nothing else was connected but the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

A standard laboratory test would indicate that the hard drive memory on his computer is ruined.

But in his case -- and this may have already happened to you -- the diagnosis was incorrect. There was nothing wrong with the hard drive at all...or even the computer.

I proposed his problem to about a dozen of my computer guru friends and none of them came up with the right answer. And I'm going to give it to you free.

Why? Because in an estimated fifty per cent of the time when this problem comes to them THE GURUS GUESS WRONG.

What happens then? The little geniuses will show you a list of viruses that you had probably already quarantined, they will install and run older versions of AdAware and McAfee than you already had, screwing up your subscriptions, and hand you a bill for $175 for a computer that HAD NO PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Or worse, you just “donate” your perfectly good computer, thinking it's fried, and then spend big bucks on a new one.

OK now you know the symptoms. Now here's what's REALLY wrong over FIFTY PER CENT OF THE TIME:

Sometimes the computer's cabinet is placed too close to a wall or something, or dust builds up, or a sheet of paper can fall between things and block the air vents to your computer. When the air vents are only partially blocked, the memory chip gets hot enough to fry an egg and stops working. You can run tests til you're blue in the face but it checks out as a dead hard drive...UNTIL IT COOLS DOWN, then everything is fine again.

It has happened to me a couple of times over the years and I thought it was worth trying on my buddy so I told him to just shut it down for several hours, unplugged from the wall, and try again...and it worked just fine, and still does.

If Phil had taken it to the Geeks it would have cooled down and they would have never even seen his problem and then gone on to do the unneeded proprietary tuneup.

Now that I saved you thousands of bucks I sure would appreciate it if you would hit my tip jar over there. It'll help my Social Security income last a little farther into the month. Thanks.

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Phil D. – ”I was about to pay the computer geeks $175 but I fixed it myself.”

I was ready to buy a new computer but Pinehurst Bob saved the day.” – Leigh A.

I felt really good about tipping Bobby $50 after he saved me about a thousand dollars.” – Anon.