christmas-entrance-crop-300x135Doral Woods has no Property Owners Association but we do have a Front Entrance Committee which is responsible for the maintenance of the signs at our front entrance. and the care of their surrounding ornamental plantings.

Current members of the Entrance Committee are Bert and Carol Higgins (Chair/Treas), Kelly High, Irene Bradley, Preston Smith, Don and Vickie Taylor.

Other entrance-related expenses include electricity to illuminate the signs and water to irrigate the foundation and seasonal plantings.

These expenses are paid for with an annual solicitation of the Doral Woods property owners. The suggested annual voluntary contribution is only $22 and each year approximately 94% of Doral’s property owners respond.

Income and expenses are budgeted and properly accounted for, as you can see in the annual reports linked below.

Doral Woods Entrance Committee

2017 Entrance Report
2016 P&L
2015 P&L
2014 P&L

2013 P&L

2012 P&L

2011 P&L
2010 P&L
2009 P&L
2008 P&L
2007 P&L