Neighborhood Advisory Committee – January

I subbed for Kay Wildt as our Doral Woods representative to the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. NAC) This is a meeting among 19 neighborhood representatives and the Mayor and otherCouncil members held monthly. If you have an issue you’d like the Council to hear about either tell Kay or attend the meeting yourself (there are usually 5-6 guests)

A couple of items presented of interest were:

· NCDOT will be holding two information meetings (time TBD). One on suggestions for the traffic circle and Midland corridor and the other for “Moore County Comprehensive Plan” including NC 211 and 5. Watch for times to be announced, if you are interested.

· Winter weather preparedness and the recent storms were reviewed. Snow/ice are a real problem for us as the Village has limited trucks/personnel to deploy against such storms (on their 102 miles of roads) especially if the weather forecasts are incorrect. Each storm cost us $30-35,000 extra for materials, fuel, time and repairs. Roads are plowed by priority: main, secondary and then cul-de-sacs, with only our smallest (2) trucks able to fit in the cul-de-sacs. Weather after the storms is a big variable as the sun/temperature are our best friends.

Citizens should all be part of “Code Red” which is a system for outbound calling for emergency announcements. Check the website to sign-up. All Village media (website, Facebook, Twitter) are updated with the same emergency info.

Bert Higgins