FREE: 200 Year Old Sourdough Starter

Where but in Doral Woods can you get a deal like this? Several years ago I bought from King Arthur Flour Company a starter package of their famous Sourdough Starter which, as they explain “…descended from a starter that’s been lovingly nurtured since the late 1700s. When you feed it, it quickly becomes your own, adapting itself to your own region and climate…Sourdough starter is a living entity; it needs regular feeding.”

Feeding the (refrigerated) starter means because of the alcohol generated by the yeast I need to toss some of it and add fresh flour and water every week. The problem is, what to do with all that good starter that I’m supposed to toss. Well, I love to make Focaccia and Ciabatta breads with it and sourdough pancakes are to die for.

These are supposed to be sourdough pretzels that I fixed tonight. They taste better than they look. The ex-Food Lion container at the right shows you how much space a supply of starter needs.

But I always have some starter left and if you would like some and are willing to give it the same commitment you would give a prized pet then let me know and you can have some. — Sourdough Bob