The Doral Bench

Doral "Sit and Chat" Bench

Doral “Sit and Chat” Bench

The Idea for expanding (or not) the idea of the “sit and chat” bench (near the half way house on Doral Dr.) we have in Doral Woods is coming up for a vote this week. What is your honest opinion of having one in neighborhoods around Pinehurst? The execution? the Idea?

Please email me directly, my email is Thanks, Bert Higgins

Let me give a little more background on the bench. The Pinehurst Beautification Committee last year proposed a PILOT of a park bench in a neighborhood of Pinehurst. “The purpose of the neighborhood park bench areas is to enable socialization, rest and enjoyment of the visual stimulation of Pinehurst. To enable places where people can meet and socialize to develop new and on-going relationships in order to develop a better sense of community in a world where isolationism from electronic interaction and hectic pace is increasingly prevalent. As such, these areas will be in safe and quiet areas, as much as possible.”

I volunteered Doral Woods for the pilot. It cost us (DW) nothing. The bench itself is made of TREX, a very durable outdoor material. I believe that such a bench costs the Village about $350 and before the Village invests in more of them, they are asking how we, as a neighborhood, like it. If it stays, plantings can be added for attractiveness, once again at the expense of the Village. At this point, there is no plan to add more. Most likely the positioning of this, if it goes forward for expansion, will be for neighborhoods to ask for them and not for the Village to place them out arbitrarily.

— Bert Higgins