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Lost & Found and Entrance Caution

(From Bert Higgins)

Bob, can you post this on the Doral Dispatch, Thanks.

“If someone left a card table at the Pig Pickin’, Marv Mercer has it in his garage. Stop by or give him a call”

“Work on the Front Entrance will begin Monday. BE CAREFUL when you drive in or out. Workers will be there.”


Entrance and Pickin’ Reminders

From Bert Higgins….

Front Entrance Reminder
The Front Entrance Committee would appreciate receiving your donations for the enhancements and maintenance of the front entrance ASAP. We’d like to wrap up the campaign and know where we stand financially. Thanks for your support.

Pig Pickin’
With the Pig Pickin scheduled for Wednesday, May 10, we need to get your checks in ASAP. We need to get a final count to the caterer, Monday. Thanks

LiVolsi Requests Help With Chicken ‘n’ Pig Pickin’

This is a plea for help! On Apr 1 I was released from Duke hospital to recover from cancer surgery in my esophagus and stomach. There were complications due to a septic infection in my lungs and difficulty swallowing. I’m now being fed through a tube. This week I start pulmonary and speech/swallowing therapies toward what I hope will be a full recovery. I am asking for someone to take over and run the Pig’n’Chicken Pickin.’ The venue is set, the caterer has agreed to a price only $1 over last year.

I will be glad to help in any way I can, but if no one steps up, we may have to cancel. –Bill LiVolsi

2015 Pig Pickin’

Doral Woods (May 13, 2015) — Beautiful weather, beautiful people, terrific food and fellowship combined to make the 2015 Doral Woods Pig ‘N’ Chicken Pickin’ another rousing success, thanks to Don and Vickie Taylor. (and thanks to Dee Park for these pictures).

2018 Pig ‘n’ Chicken Pickin’

eat-mor-pig-lo-300x257All Doral Woods residents, property owners, and house guests are invited to the annual Doral Woods Pig ‘n’ Chickin’ Pickin’ and it just wouldn’t be the same without you.

This event — one of the two major social events for Doral Woods — will be held on Friday,   on May 11 at 4 PM.

The complete details of this year’s event will be announced in a couple of months.


Report: 2014 Doral Woods Pig ‘n’ Chicken Pickin’

Hi, everyone,

Nice, nice party tonight. The food, the one hundred (yep, 100!) good people who came, the mix of ages from two to over ninety-two all made for another wonderful Doral Woods Pig and Chicken Pickin’ Picnic.

Held on the property of David and Carole Hobson, the folks came out in beautiful weather to enjoy each other’s company and the delicious Talbert’s feast.

Pictures don’t do the great mix of folks justice…but we sure did have fun. Right? Right!

Were YOU in the pictures? Sure hope so!

Dee Park
[Doral Dispatch Official Photographer]