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Neighborhood Advisory Committee – January

I subbed for Kay Wildt as our Doral Woods representative to the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. NAC) This is a meeting among 19 neighborhood representatives and the Mayor and otherCouncil members held monthly. If you have an issue you’d like the Council to hear about either tell Kay or attend the meeting yourself (there are usually 5-6 guests)

A couple of items presented of interest were:

· NCDOT will be holding two information meetings (time TBD). One on suggestions for the traffic circle and Midland corridor and the other for “Moore County Comprehensive Plan” including NC 211 and 5. Watch for times to be announced, if you are interested.

· Winter weather preparedness and the recent storms were reviewed. Snow/ice are a real problem for us as the Village has limited trucks/personnel to deploy against such storms (on their 102 miles of roads) especially if the weather forecasts are incorrect. Each storm cost us $30-35,000 extra for materials, fuel, time and repairs. Roads are plowed by priority: main, secondary and then cul-de-sacs, with only our smallest (2) trucks able to fit in the cul-de-sacs. Weather after the storms is a big variable as the sun/temperature are our best friends.

Citizens should all be part of “Code Red” which is a system for outbound calling for emergency announcements. Check the website to sign-up. All Village media (website, Facebook, Twitter) are updated with the same emergency info.

Bert Higgins 

Village Seeks Residents’ Input


Please post a link to this questionnaire so Doral Woods residents may express their views. Very short turn around, but input is important, as the Village does listen to what we say.

Kay Wildt
Doral Woods Neighborhood Advisory Council Member

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Village of Pinehurst <>
Date: Wed, May 17, 2017 at 11:35 AM
Subject: Give us your feedback on the Village’s Proposed 2018 Strategic Operating Plan!


Village Requests Publix Comment

Bob, can you post this to our website. It may affect the traffic and otherwise pastoral life we lead here. Thanks, Bert (Higgins)

You may all have read in the Pilot something about the new proposed Publix Supermarket. A Village council member has asked that we give feedback on the pending application. Briefly, the new store with possible smaller store tenants, will have an entrance across from the high school entrance (traffic light) on 15/501. A secondary entrance/exit , and signage for the store(s), will be on Morganton Rd between The Lawn and Tennis Club and Fox Hollow. This is proposed to be a four-lane interface with Morganton Rd. right at the Pinehurst Village limits.

The new store will be in Southern Pines and the interface with Morganton Rd in S.P. right at the entrance to Pinehurst. The Village council, although not directly in the approval process for the development, is concerned about impact to Pinehurst (with no/little benefit) and has asked citizens for their thoughts. There is a meting 8/9 starting at 4:30 where comments can be made. If you can’t make the meeting you can email your thoughts to Jeff Sanborn or the Village council members directly. Use the website and select “connect with us”. There are places to select Jeff or any of the Village Council members to comment to. Also, DW resident, Bill Scarborough, has been asked to solicit feedback from DW residents. You can email Bill, ( if you feel more comfortable. I highly encourage you to give your views, no matter how you feel about this.

Areas to consider for comments: does the area really need another mega grocery store? Will congestion/traffic at the entrance of Pinehurst be a good welcome to visitors and residents? Does the image of a four-lane intersection with (lighted?) signage be a welcoming image for Pinehurst? Will traffic on Morganton Rd increase and affect our ability for access/egress from Doral Woods? Or, yippee another place to get green bananas!


New Advisory Board Rep & New V.O.P. Web Site

Doral Woods’ Kay Wildt will be taking over for me as primary representative to the Neighborhood Advisory Board to the Village Mayor and council members for Doral Woods. Have anything you’d like the council to hear about, let Kay know. I’ll be her back-up, but If anyone would like to break into the rotation, please let me know. It’s a great way to learn about your Village and how it is run. I’ve learned a lot and am impressed with the rigor and professionalism of the Village staff and council. (you may not always agree with the results, but the effort is there). Bert Higgins

Although not strictly a Doral item, Bert also sends along this news which will interest all Doral residents:

The Village of Pinehurst has launched a new website and as part of that has developed a new way for citizens to report issues/questions/complaints for Village staff/council action. First, take a few moments to go to and look around. There is voluminous information available about Pinehurst and happenings of interest. Within the website, under “Connect with us” is an option for “My VOP”. This is the area where you can report issues, track your issues, view other issues being reported in Pinehurst or your general area.

Topical issues are “animal issues”(dead, poop, barking dogs), “building services” (questions, request permits), “code issues” (questions, complaints, noncompliance), “Ideas”, “General questions/concerns” (staff and Village council), “Parks and Greenways”, “Police non-emergencies” (vehicle speeding, RV parking), “Recreation Programs” (calendar, listings).

In addition, any issue reported by you can be tracked as to progress and generally, there is a two day response requirement. Various departments are graded on meeting response time requirements. Your issue can be “private” (only you and staff will see it and its response) or “public” so anyone who signs in can view it. The system also allows you to submit pictures along with your issue.

There is a mobile app version of this for your I-Phone or similar mobile device. For the I-Phone, go to the I-Store and download the app, “My VOP” for free! Based upon my scrolling around each way to access My VOP, the mobile phone app is the best and easiest way to go. In any event, this is easier than calling the general Pinehurst phone number, getting transferred and having to repeat your issue/complaint/question again.

Neighborhood Advisory Committee March 21, 2016

(From Bert Higgins)

At the Neighborhood Advisory Committee yesterday there were two handouts that I have attached. One gives “where to call” for various issues and the other gives various links to Village information connections and “Open Village Hall”. The latter is a monthly request for opinion on various topics (and the ability to look up prior topics over the last couple of years). I’d recommend to everyone to get on the “new topic” notification list to be advised when input is requested on new issues. Your opinion counts.

VOP look-up list


Neighborhood Advisory Committee Meetings

Summary of Recent Neighborhood Advisory Committee meetings

November 16, 2015
The Neighborhood Advisory Committee was approved by the Village Council to be a regular, standing committee of the Village. Prior to that, the committee was an ad hoc group convened at the calling of the Mayor. Although the group is not decision making in charter, it is charged with providing input to the Council on neighborhood issues and dispersing information about the Village gleaned through presentations and group discussion. Citizens can attend the meetings directly and be recognized (although it is better to contact the Village Clerk to attain an agenda spot) or send their issue to their neighborhood representative (in Doral Woods’ case, Bert Higgins) for furtherance.

Anti-Theft Dots Program
Police Chief Earl Phipps introduced Shawn Andreas. Shawn Andreas gave an overview of the anti-theft dots program. He has been in Pinehurst over one week to roll out this new program throughout the neighborhoods. His company has introduced new technologies to Police Departments for combating property theft. Anti-theft dots can be applied to any type of property and read with scanning devices that the Pinehurst Police have. There is also a national database of this information that can be accessed by participating police departments, in case items find their way out of the area. A sticker goes in the home window indicating the use of such a program. Contact the Police for how to participate.

Community Watch
Doug Tuxbury, Chairman of Pinehurst Community Watch, explained the expansion of the Community Watch Program and involvement from residents and businesses. Mr. Tuxbury has been working on the initiative to de-clutter the Pinehurst Community Watch signs and replace the necessary ones with a newly created sign, Village-branded, sign. Mr. Tuxbury is identifying the main access points to each neighborhood and asked the NAC members for their help identifying these locations. Please remember to pass along information about the Community Watch Program to your neighbors. [There is a meeting Wednesday evening, 1/13/2016 at 7:00 for those interested]

January 11, 2016
John Bouldry, new council member was introduced. He lives on Pinehurst #6.

Review of top issues from “Quality of Neighborhoods” Survey and “Open Village Hall”
(Bert: the Village has annually for the last 4 years sent our surveys to randomly selected citizens asking about the Village and its neighborhoods. These results are statistically significant, having a 95% confidence level for accuracy. These results provide guidance to the Council and staff as to prioritization efforts and funding. “Open Village Hall”: Village website online question capability which allows input from registered citizens. New topic each month. This is not a random survey, hence directional only)

About 89% of responders were satisfied with the quality of their neighborhoods. (69% satisfied, 20% neutral). Efforts to maintain the quality of neighborhoods was identified as the top service priority over the next two years in all prior surveys. Survey results can be broken down by general areas and age of participants.

An example of action from a previous survey was the installation of 6 streetlights in Village Acres (area between the Hospital and Spring Lake Dr along 15/501 N). This brought the neighborhood satisfaction up 10% from one survey to the next.

From the Survey, Capital improvements that the residents feel are most important:

  • Sidewalk construction [there is a master plan for this.
  • Sidewalks cost about $40/linear foot]
  • Street lighting [not too expensive to install and operate as new ones are LED’s]
  • Bicycle lanes and paths

Residents , through the “Open Village Hall” list the following top priorities:

  • Enforce Village Codes [there is a new process for this]
  • Provide neighborhood sidewalks
  • Maintain street striping at a higher level
  • Increase street lighting
  • Provide neighborhood bicycle lanes and paths

Be a Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee Rep?

I’m the current representative from Doral Woods to the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee. I’m looking for an alternate who would sit in when I can’t make a meeting and, possibly, be the representative next year. It’s not a big time commitment and it’s a great way to learn about the village in which we live. Contact me if you are interested.

Bert Higgins.



2015 April, May, June Neighborhood Advisory Council Meetings

Pinehurst logo

Note from Bert: in almost a year of me attending these meetings, several “neighborhoods issues” recur constantly:

  • Timely placement and retrieval from the curb of the various carts we use in “One and Done” (this is the biggest topic of conversation by far)
  • Pets (noise, poop scooping, etc.)
  • Speeding, especially where it is 25mph

    I will make two observations: we are lucky to live in a place where these are the biggest topics of conversation, and the Village is run in a much more business-like fashion than I ever imagined. There is more than golf to be proud of in Pinehurst!

April NAC meeting highlights

Presentation on the File of Life, Yellow Dot, and other programs at the Pinehurst Fire Department- Carlton Cole, Fire Chief
Mayor Fiorillo introduced Carlton Cole, the Fire Chief for the Village of Pinehurst, to discuss the new File of Life Program, Yellow Dot, and other programs at the Fire Department.

Chief Cole gave an overview of the duties of the Fire Department. He noted in addition to the basic fire duties, the department is responsible for fire inspection services to all businesses, emergency preparedness for the Village of Pinehurst, and educational events in schools, daycare, and businesses. Chief Cole also noted the department holds a Junior Fire Academy and they give free child car seat inspections.

Chief Cole shared the Fire Department participates in the Yellow Dot program which allows individuals to complete a medical form that is placed in a yellow envelope and stored in the glove box in the individual’s vehicles in case of an accident. The Fire Department recently implemented the File of Life program which is similar to the Yellow Dot program but the magnetic red pouch is to be stored on a home refrigerator for emergency responders to find information when responding to emergencies at homes. File of Life is a nationwide program. Chief Cole encouraged residents to stop by the fire station to receive the Yellow Dot and File of Life packets.

Chief Cole opened the floor for questions. He explained how emergency responses are prioritized and who is dispatched to respond. He also explained the training that the staff at the fire department has completed for medical emergency preparedness.

Chief Cole shared that the fire department has a restored fire truck from 1937 and it is about 95% completed. Chief Cole discussed the importance of large reflective signage numbers for homes for emergency responses. Chief Cole also explained the use of heat detectors in attics and crawl spaces for additional protection beyond interior smoke alarms. Christy Eibel noted that the fire department even performs water rescues on Lake Pinehurst.

The committee discussed several other topics and asked Chief Cole questions about specific situations.

May NAC meeting

Melissa Swarbrick from the Civic Group outlined an idea to enable the various neighborhoods in Pinehurst to gather in a public setting to give presentations about their neighborhoods. The objective is to create higher awareness of the various neighborhoods and share best practices in how to communicate among the citizens and create more community spirit at all levels. She asked the representatives for their input and ideas on how this might best work.

June NAC meeting

I. Melissa Swarbrick explained there will be a concert on the Village Green for the community sponsored by the Civic Group and they invite NAC volunteers to attend the next board meeting on Wednesday, July 15 at 4:00pm at Village Hall to go through more details on this upcoming event. The Civic Group is also recruiting more board members so please let Ms. Swarbrick know if you know anyone who would be interested.

II. Village of Pinehurst FY 2016 Strategic Operating Plan Update

Natalie Dean, Assistant Village Manager of Administration, presented information the FY 2016 Strategic Operating Plan. Ms. Dean shared the Budget in Brief document with the members of the NAC. Ms. Dean shared the page on the Village website where the full information on the Strategic Operating Plan and Budget is located. Ms. Dean reviewed Council’s 9 goals for FY 2016. Ms. Dean noted the budget contains a tax rate of $0.29 per $100 valuation for FY 2016 which is one cent less than the revenue neutral tax rate. Ms. Dean shared there are 35 initiatives in the Strategic Operating Plan for the upcoming year and highlighted several of the major initiatives planned for the year. The committee held a short discussion about the items included in the Strategic Operating Plan.

NAC redefinition

Discussion about potential enhancements to the NAC- Lauren Craig, Village Clerk Lauren Craig, Village Clerk, discussed potential enhancements to the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. Ms. Craig gave background on the NAC when it was created in 2008 and summarized the current structure of the committee. Ms. Craig shared the Village Council formed a consensus at the June 9 Village Council meeting to support enhancement efforts for the NAC. Ms. Craig explained that a team would be established to work on enhancement ideas. This group would create a purpose statement, draft a resolution to establish purpose, membership, and responsibilities, review neighborhood representation, and determine how Village staff can support efforts to reach more citizens. Ms. Craig noted the next steps were to establish a team to work on these enhancements so a status update could be shared at the September NAC meeting before the details were finalized for implementation. The committee held a discussion about the ideas for enhancements. Ms. Craig asked for anyone interested in serving on this committee, and meeting several times over the next few months, to please email by the end of the week.

— Reported by Bert Higgins



March 2015 Advisory Committee Report

Some highlights from the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee in March…

Attached is the list of upcoming Spring/Summer Events to share. Also a few reminders from the Parks and Recreation Department:

· Volunteer Opportunities for Special Events will be posted online on Friday, March 20th at:

· The Parks & Rec Department is offering new Senior Trips, a Sports Club and Social Club for senior adults as well as new programs for youth. We publish an Activity guide with all programs and events each Spring and Fall. Residents may pick up a copy of this activity at Village Hall, Lowes Foods, or the Post Office on Blake Blvd.

· To get monthly reminders of programs and events, residents may also sign up for the P&R E-News. This includes information specific to our department including athletics, programs and events that the VOP E-News does not include. If anyone would like to sign up for this, let us know and we can add you to our email list. To register for Parks and Recreation programs and events, click here for online registration.

Also, the Village has a new section on their website where, each month, a question will be posted for community feedback. The Resort has something similar but the Village will not respond directly to each comment as the Resort does. This is an opportunity to get your thoughts heard.

Every Village meeting is filmed for citizen review. It’s available on the Village website at What’s nice about it is that you can click on just the part of the meeting that you want to review without having to listen to all the other monologue.

Other Village web addresses for citizens to use.

Open Village Hall (online engagement portal for input to various questions)

Village Council videos( posted 24 hours after each council meeting)

Village of Pinehurst Social Media: www.facebook.comvopnc;;

Village e-news: (sign-up on village website; e-mailed monthly)

Code Red: (reverse 911 emergency notifications- sign up at link or call 910-295-1900)

— Submitted by Bert Higgins


N.A.C. Updates

From Bert Higgins…

When Ray Barber was the delegate to NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committee), he did a nice job summarizing the information from the NAC meetings. I will try to continue his lead. I’ll summarize the meetings in the following:

9/15/2014 NAC meeting (from minutes, as I couldn’t attend)

1. There will be additional street lights added selectively around town, based on NAC committee recommendations and surveys the town has sent to 3 different sample groups (there have been three such surveys over the last 3 years). The Village Acres (area from Pinehurst #8 to the hospital) area will be prioritized first. Don’t know of any for Doral Woods.

2.Village is working on a plan for pedestrian/bicycle paths. There have been public meetings for input and the plan should be available by July, 2015.

3.The various NAC areas represented are polled for items of interest that the council should know about. In summary, most issues revolve around geese/deer, neighbors leaving the trash/recycle carts out too long or putting them out too early, enforcement of regulations by the Village or issues that are very local to an area.

10/20/2014 meeting

1. Lengthy presentation of the new Pinehurst Development Ordinance. Several changes that were made to the new development ordinance discussed were:
o Special Uses are now only one category (no longer major and minor) and all go to the Village Council.
o Administrative variances are now allowed by the Village Planner using the criteria established.
o Regarding development ordinance enforcement notices, if assumed the structure is occupied by a non-owner, the Village will also send notice to the current residents of the home in addition to the absentee owner’s address.
o Accessory dwellings in Old Town or historic district overlays are now permitted by right. Accessory structure setbacks are defined differently.
o Bulkheads on lakes and docks were discussed.
o Table of dimensional requirements changes were discussed.
o Watershed protection changes were explained.
o Outside of the setback closer to the lake shore for lake front homes now allow outdoor living areas.
o The highway corridor overlay districts will now have a 30 foot buffer adjacent to the right of way for parking lots and buildings. Eliminated this buffer requirement on highway 5 but added a 10 foot planting buffer on all commercial properties.
o Fence ordinance has remained the same with an additional requirement for fences greater than 4 feet on a corner lot must use a 5 foot setback. This new ordinance recognizing that some fences not prescribed but should be allowed based on a design can now be allowed by the Village Council.
o Single family neighborhoods are now no longer reviewed by the Community Appearance Commission since they are not given authority to do this with the general statutes. This will not reduce the quality, staff will still review for the standards.
o Designs standards for single family homes were consolidated and are now applied to all districts.
o Plan submittal requirements for a patio vs. a home addition were changed.
o Site plan approvals for major site plans have been increased from one acre of disturbed land to two acres of disturbed land.
o New subdivisions are now required to have a threshold of open space and removed the requirement for recreation lands and removed the fee in lieu of for the recreational space to develop parks.
o Propane tanks are all required to be buried in residential areas.
o The ordinance was reorganized to better help users locate the needed information.
o A pool was redefined to help regulate above ground pools.
o Table of permitted uses was revised to better define uses of today’s time some to allow and others to preclude the use.
o Commercial submittal process was revised to have an incremental process based on approvals.
o The Conditional Use Rezonings were a quasi-judicial process with little public input. These have changed to Conditional District Rezonings which is now a legislative process where the public opinion matters.
o Sign ordinance remains intact.
o No changes in development ordinance would supersede your residential regulations. The stricter requirement would still apply.

2. NAC representatives were polled and most discussion was still neighbors not complying with trash/recycle cart rules and non enforcement of Village rules (example: a homeowner can be fined for putting the trash cart out too early or taking it back in too late but there is no enforced collection of the penalties)

11/17/2014 meeting

1.Presentation of the new solid waste plan that will go into affect 2/2/2015. A new cart will be supplied to residents who currently have their yard/lawn debris picked up by the Village or by request (about 25% of households). All carts (trash, recycle, yard debris) will be picked up the same day. In our case, it will be Monday. There are many benefits to the users and Village for compliant use of the new process. Much more information will be coming out in the near future.

2. As a result of so much discussion about the Village not enforcing its own rules (and neighbor reluctance to directly approach their offending neighbor), the Village has launched a committee to review how to do better at enforcement (there is a cost to enforce). They should have recommendations for review by March, 2015.[ Note: the Village has a process for addressing any issue that is prioritized by the council or its citizens. It involves teams and process steps and phases, including asking for input from those affected. Watch for public notice on issues that may be of interest to you.]

3. A review of the last three surveys showed Pinehurst has improved or maintained its level of satisfaction in the multitude of categories surveyed.The only category that has not improved is “enforcement”. (not police enforcement but rule enforcement). The entire survey results are on the Village website. There may not be a 4th survey in the next year, unless perceived to be needed.

4. NAC member polling sounded about the same but the Lake area was adversely affected by the sewer line break on Monday.