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Entrance Committee Meeting

The DW Front Entrance Committee is having its first (and probably only) meeting for this year on Wednesday, 2/21 at 7:00 at 25 Eldorado Lane. If you are interested in helping this year, let Bert know. No green thumb is necessary. Building a committee bench for the future is necessary for the continuance of the committee efforts.



With the forecast for evening temperatures in the teens coming, those who have had the back flow preventers installed above ground may want to winterize them against freezing. Tommy Howe, Aurora Hills Landscaping, installed a drain next to the back flow. I just drained the front entrance one and it was pretty easy. Since we have no experience with these in freezing temperatures, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to drain them. — Bert Higgins



The Doral Bench

Doral "Sit and Chat" Bench

Doral “Sit and Chat” Bench

The Idea for expanding (or not) the idea of the “sit and chat” bench (near the half way house on Doral Dr.) we have in Doral Woods is coming up for a vote this week. What is your honest opinion of having one in neighborhoods around Pinehurst? The execution? the Idea?

Please email me directly, my email is Thanks, Bert Higgins

Let me give a little more background on the bench. The Pinehurst Beautification Committee last year proposed a PILOT of a park bench in a neighborhood of Pinehurst. “The purpose of the neighborhood park bench areas is to enable socialization, rest and enjoyment of the visual stimulation of Pinehurst. To enable places where people can meet and socialize to develop new and on-going relationships in order to develop a better sense of community in a world where isolationism from electronic interaction and hectic pace is increasingly prevalent. As such, these areas will be in safe and quiet areas, as much as possible.”

I volunteered Doral Woods for the pilot. It cost us (DW) nothing. The bench itself is made of TREX, a very durable outdoor material. I believe that such a bench costs the Village about $350 and before the Village invests in more of them, they are asking how we, as a neighborhood, like it. If it stays, plantings can be added for attractiveness, once again at the expense of the Village. At this point, there is no plan to add more. Most likely the positioning of this, if it goes forward for expansion, will be for neighborhoods to ask for them and not for the Village to place them out arbitrarily.

— Bert Higgins

Lost & Found and Entrance Caution

(From Bert Higgins)

Bob, can you post this on the Doral Dispatch, Thanks.

“If someone left a card table at the Pig Pickin’, Marv Mercer has it in his garage. Stop by or give him a call”

“Work on the Front Entrance will begin Monday. BE CAREFUL when you drive in or out. Workers will be there.”


Entrance and Pickin’ Reminders

From Bert Higgins….

Front Entrance Reminder
The Front Entrance Committee would appreciate receiving your donations for the enhancements and maintenance of the front entrance ASAP. We’d like to wrap up the campaign and know where we stand financially. Thanks for your support.

Pig Pickin’
With the Pig Pickin scheduled for Wednesday, May 10, we need to get your checks in ASAP. We need to get a final count to the caterer, Monday. Thanks

Front Entrance Update

The ayes have it. We have received enough positive responses and money to go ahead with the proposed improvements to the front entrance. The grant from Pinehurst was approved and approval from NCDOT has been received. I need to clarify one detail with the DOT and will give the go ahead to Aurora Hills Nursery this week. Not sure when they can begin. Hopefully soon. — Bert Higgins


Doral 2016 Christmas

entrance-swags-2016Thanks to our neighbors who helped with the Christmas swags yesterday. Pat Royal, Mickey Scarborough, Katherine Pieczynski, Liz and Peter Blick, Carol Higgins, me and special thanks to Kelly High for making the cranberry bread. We couldn’t get a picture of the group as they were too cold to stand still that long. — Bert



Xmas Swag Help Needed

Wow, time is flying. I just realized it’s almost time to get the Christmas swags up for the DW sign posts. We will need help on Sunday, 12/4 at 1:00 in my garage (25 Eldorado Lane). Last year it took about 2 hours to assemble. Let me know if you can help. Bert Higgins, 420-2664,